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I asked Barbara to tell me about the relationships in her life which she believes had the greatest impact on her and in particular her work life and career. She said the most obvious one would be her relationship with her husband because he’s always been very supportive of her having a career and she thinks that’s really important.  She said he has always respected her career as much as his own and their relationship has always been very equal in that way. She says she knows a lot of men who want their wives to stay home and she thinks it’s tough when you are in that situation but her husband has always been totally supportive. She says even when she had kids, he never once put any pressure on her or even indicated in any way that he would want her to stay home.  She thinks that makes it a lot easier because if your spouse thought you should stay home with your kids it would create a lot of friction or difficulty. She says having somebody who’s supportive and taking on half of the responsibilities for the family and the household helps a lot.


Barbara says the other major relationship which impacted her career and her life would be her relationship with her parents. She says her parents really instilled in her very early on that she should be able to take care of herself, so that was something she always wanted to be able to do. She says parents can steer you in certain directions early on and she was made to feel that she could do anything or pursue anything that she wanted to.  She says her parents would have been an important factor terms of her career.


Barbara says some bosses that she has worked for over the years have had an impact on her career. She says like most people she has had some great, very supportive bosses and some who haven’t necessarily been supportive, but she thinks you can learn equally from both types. However, she says the ones that were very supportive definitely helped her and those people that believed in her really motivated her and gave her a lot of confidence in herself, so that when she encountered some of the more difficult people she was able to recall the people who had been supportive.  She says she has been lucky to have three or four people that she has worked for over the years that have been very supportive.


In terms of other relationships which have impacted her career, she said having close friends who had careers and who were role models helped. She said sometimes when you’re trying to juggle a lot of things and you’re wondering if there might be an easier way and you have role models or friends who are doing the same thing, it gives you the motivation to continue because you realize that other people are doing it and it motivates you to do it too. 


What Strikes Me?


The importance of being independent and able to take care of yourself.


Parents can steer children in a certain direction early on.


The impact of being made to feel you can do anything or pursue anything you want to.


You can learn from all types of bosses, the supportive ones and the not so supportive ones.


It’s not surprising that people who believe in you, give you confidence and motivate you.


Having close friends who have careers and are role models helps.


What Strikes You?


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