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This is an endorsement and an act of support and in my opinion, I am doing you a tremendous favour!!!


Sandra Post is the best golf instructor I have ever had and I have had many!!!  (And I would respectfully ask anyone who plays with me, not to hold my game against her… you should have played with me before I met Sandra!!!)


Sandra is a ground breaker and an inspiration. And she made the difficult transition from the world of professional sports to the world the rest of us inhabit and she did it profoundly well!! For all of these reasons, I hope to interview her for this blog.


In the meantime, I simply want to say Sandra Post offers golf instruction to women in Bolton, Ontario.  And she is a fabulous instructor!!! In fact, I believe golf instruction is her true calling –  never mind how well she plays the game of golf but that’s just my opinion!!


In any case, I suggest you discover Sandra’s gifts for yourself. You can find her through her web site at



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