Differences between how men and women lead

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At the risk of repeating my sources, in the Sunday New York Times this past weekend, Debra Lee, the chairwoman and chief executive officer of the BET Networks was interviewed for the Corner Office segment in the Business section. She was asked the following question: “And what is your sense of the difference between how women and men lead?”


She answered:”I think women listen more. I think women tend to be more consensus builders and less dictators, and more compassionate. That can be good sometimes and it can be bad sometimes. I’m not saying all women are the same and all men are the same. But I think there are some general differences, and we need more women as C.E.O.’s to prove that their way to manage is O.K.


Unfortunately, if one women is unsuccessful, all of a sudden there’s a feeling that women can’t do this. A man could be unsuccessful and the next day someone else hires him and he gets another chance. We’ve made a lot of progress, but I think there’s a lot more that needs to be made in terms of women as managers and companies accepting them as managers and giving them opportunities.”


Her comments resonated with me. Do they resonate with you? Please add your comments below.

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