QDeveloping relationships with executive recruiters and the benefits of doing so.

answered March 18th, 2010 by Michelle Savoy

“How do you go about developing relationships with executive recruiters? What are the benefits of doing so?”



From the perspective of a former executive recruiter:

“Developing relationships with executive recruiters is no different than developing business relationships. The best way to get to know executive recruiters is to understand how they make money and figure out how to add value for them. Most recruiters are compensated by the employer looking to fill a position. Therefore, they divide their time between business development (looking for mandates), developing the search strategy for specific mandates, managing client relationships and recruiting; leaving very little time for career coaching or courtesy interviews. With this in mind, I would identify a few recruiters who specialize in your sector or industry and start a process of building relationships with them. I would suggest you either introduce them to individuals best suited for their current searches or become a candidate. Over time, you will find as recruiters get to know you, they will become your advocates and provide you with great career advice which may ultimately lead to your next career move.”

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