What is my impact?

posted March 17th, 2010 by Janet Graham - Leave a Comment

In the Sunday New York Times this past weekend, Kip Tindell, chief executive officer of the Container Store was interviewed for the Corner Office segment in the Business section. He was talking about the seven foundation principles which they emphasize in their company which cause everybody to act as a unit because they all agree on their goals.


When asked whether there was anything they talk about which is not on the list of foundation principles, he said they talk a  lot about a person’s wake, like a boat’s wake.  The interviewer asked him to explain it.


He said: “Most people’s wake is much, much larger than they can ever imagine. We all can’t imagine that we have as much impact on the people and the world around us as we really do. That’s just a way of getting people to see that everything you do, and don’t do,  impacts your business, the people and the world around you,  far more than you can imagine.”


I thought the concept of a person’s wake explains the concept of a person’s impact on the world very well.


And once we clearly understand the concept, we can think about whether or not we are having the impact we want to have on the people and the world around us. 


In most situations, particularly the challenging ones it pays to ask yourself:  “What is my impact?”

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