Light your cigars, let’s raise a glass to the women

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Christie Blatchford wrote a wonderful piece in the Globe on Saturday about the on-ice celebration by the Canadian Women’s Hockey Team following their gold- medal win.  (aka the “booze and cigars” scandal.) In it she says: “So ladies, light your cigars, and let’s raise a glass to the Canadian women’s hockey team. In fact, it is my view and my fervent wish that every female Olympian, and her mother, should do the same and that, clad in the gear of their sport of choice, while chomping down on a stogie and with a brew in hand, they should pose for and immediately issue a calendar. And all the little girls in Canada should get one.” 


In today’s Globe,  Roy MacGregor refers to the incident as “A scandal of minuscule proportions”.  In the final couple of paragraphs, he says: “What Hockey Canada should have done, rather than apologize to women who had already been insulted that same day by the president of the IOC calling the future of their game into doubt, was offer a single response that might not exactly be in keeping with Canada’s image of a people so polite they apologize as often as other people blink.  A raised middle finger.”


It’s fairly clear where I stand on this matter. I am a great believer in role models, mentors and heroes. I don’t think any of us can ever have too many and I can’t think of any greater than the members of the Canadian Women’s Hockey Team!!




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