Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting

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The subtitle of Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn is “The astonishing power of feelings”. She says: “We create by feeling, not by thought. That’s right, we get what we get by the way we feel, not by trying to slug things into place or control our minds… The Law of Attraction — like attracts like — is absolute (and has nothing to do with personalities)… We get what we focus on. Focus on the lack of what we want, and we are guaranteed to get more of it because, through matching vibrations, we magnetize it in. Law of Attraction, pure and simple”.


The author describes the four steps to deliberate creation; the four steps she claims are guaranteed to bring into our lives whatever is our passion and much, much more. She says they are the basic principles from which all creation has sprung.


Step 1. Identify what you DON’T want.

Step 2. From that, identify what you DO want.

Step 3. Get into the feeling place of what you want.

Step 4. Expect, listen, and allow it to happen.


In her words: “The real reality is we have come here to thrive, and prosper, and live this grand human experience in light-hearted joy, not in struggle and pain. We have come here to have fun while we learn, to grow without suffering, and to harvest our desires in the absolute knowledge that we can have it all once we learn how to handle our energies… meaning… our emotions.”


Grabhorn outlines the actual mechanics of how she believes we attract or repel absolutely every event in our lives. She says: “The way we think causes the way we feel, and the way we feel causes how we vibrate, and the way we vibrate IS HOW WE ATTRACT. The truth is, in our everyday natural state, we have the sacred ability to maneuver this thing called “our life” to be any way we want it to be.  We create by feeling, not by thought”.  She says we get what we focus on, so if we focus on the lack of something, that’s what we’re guaranteed to get, because what the universe gives us, in every moment of every day, corresponds precisely with what we are vibrating. If we focus on the lack of what we want, we are guaranteed to get more of it, because, through matching vibrations, we magnetize it in.


She says we must learn to identify a good feeling from a bad feeling because the feelings we flow out become the tangibles we attract back.  She says, the bottom line is if we’re not feeling up when we think about something, we’re flowing some degree of negative emotion, and she warns us to pay attention to what we’re sending out because if you really want the thing, start feeling good when you think about it, and watch what happens. She says if we focus with repeated intense emotion on something we don’t want (or do want), sooner or later that something is going to be in our lap. The critical point is to remember is that the more we think about anything, whether it’s something we want in our lives or something we don’t want, the faster we’re going to magnetize it into our experience. It’s the Law of Attraction: “That which is like unto itself is drawn”.


Grabhorn encourages her readers to do the following; “Begin to identify your Wants; search for them, find them. Turn every Want into an Intent. Get back into dreaming… (big!).Learn the difference between safe and selfish Wants

Devise more risky Wants… and more… and more. Learn to feel your Want to ensure it’s not a Don’t Want. If it doesn’t give you joy to think about, change it around.

Never mind how it will come about.”


She believes: If you flow your energy first, ideas come, and actions are inspired.

Inspired Action is always fun, always easy. It just flows, one step into the next.

If what you’re doing is difficult, you didn’t send your energy ahead first. If you’ve goofed up, you’ve put Grinding Actions ahead of Source Energy. Script it first, then inspiration will come to tell you what actions to take. It’s not what you DO that brings you what you get; it’s how you are vibrating. Scripting — flowing your energy first — is what brings the inspiration. THEN act.”


One of my favourite exercises in the book is the 30 Day Breakthrough. It comprises two steps.

  1. Remove your focus from any major thing that is currently causing you serious fear (worry, concern, anxiety, stress etc.), AND KEEP IT OFF!
  2. Establish a flip-switch topic for each day by finding one new item about yourself to appreciate for the day. Flip to this topic whenever you find your focus on the thing in #1 above which is causing you serious fear, worry, concern, anxiety, stress etc.


Nancy McInerney-Lacombe said everyone should read this book for career advice, in her response to the question. “What books would you recommend that young women read either for knowledge of business trends or for career advice?”


And I highly recommend this book. I was a little fearful about posting this review; I was concerned you would think the book sounded a little “woo woo” and question my judgment or soundness of mind. I decided to post the review anyways. I got a tremendous amount out of this book and I am hopeful based on my review of it, you will give it a chance.


Please share your thoughts, comments, questions, feedback on this book or any other by offering your comments below or in the Resources section of the Forums.


Ps. Happy New Year!!!

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Comment from Catherine Marshall
Time January 5, 2010 at 3:19 pm

Book reviews are an extremely helpful aspect of the site. I don’t have much time to read books. Usually I reserve the week between Christmas and New Years. This book wasn’t the one I chose in 2009, so the review was appreciated.

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