What is a duffleflucker? Nobody warned me; men can’t multi-task!

posted December 11th, 2009 by Janet Graham - 2 Comments

I coined this term last Christmas. I felt like I was running around doing 8 million things every day and my husband (who has one person on his list for whom to shop) let me know he didn’t care for Christmas; it was so stressful!! So many things to do, so many people to keep happy, so many gifts to buy (and no idea what to buy!) And I lost it!! I told him he might start by paying attention to what people seem to like and buying it for them. I promised they would be blown away by the thoughtfulness, whether the gift was perfect or not. But I digress! And I really blew it when I asked him to run a couple of errands for me. His eyes went blank, his faced drained of colour and he was distressed to think I would pressure him at a stressful time like Christmas. He left the house list in hand and returned proud as punch he had run several errands, although he had done not one of the errands I had passed along to him. In fact, he had decided his time was too valuable to spend in a line up returning items to the hardware store and found a local dumpster where he deposited everything. And he assured me with eyes cast down, he had looked after the returns allright!!

I raised the matter at a dinner party a few nights later and a friend laughed and said her husband was exactly the same. If she gives him a list with five items on it, he returns to the house (like a homing pigeon) after each item is completed before he can start on the next item on the list. Regardless of whether, item 1 and item 2 require him to visit two stores, one next to the other. And it became clear to me, men simply cannot multi-task and in that moment I coined the word “duffleflucker”, which in polite parlance means a person who goes through life doing one thing at a time. You can play with the letters and add a few more and come up with the real meaning, which I am too polite to share, in this my first posting.

Author’s Note: This post was the first one I wrote for my blog. I thought it timely to re-issue it! I would be delighted to receive your comments!!

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2 Responses to “What is a duffleflucker? Nobody warned me; men can’t multi-task!”

Comment from Dan Nixon
Time December 11, 2009 at 2:34 pm

Its’s Darwin’s theory of evolution at its best. For thousands of years, the male species have been hunters and gatherers while the female side had to tend to many different chores for the community. Men focused on one thing only, hunting. Can’t help it baby, it is in our genes. Perhaps in a couple of thousand of years, we will have evolved to the elevated state of the distaff side but until then you are stuck with us dufflefluckers. As James Gandolfini said in God of Carnage, ” What I am and what I always was, was a ‘flucking’ neanderthal”.

Daniel G. Nixon,
King of the Dufflefluckers

ps. great blog, great site and great post.

Comment from Kim Killeen
Time January 6, 2010 at 12:48 pm

Funny post and great response Dan.

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