Q“What are the secrets of your success?”

answered November 3rd, 2009 by Phoebe Wright

What are the secrets to my success?  That really makes me think.  I’ve had extraordinary good luck in my life and I’ve had extraordinary bad luck.  A person can pity and envy me at the same time.  But still, I feel like a success and I think it comes down to some great circumstances and just one secret really.  That secret has to be my attitude.


My attitude to life is essentially positive and confident.  When I go through a really rough patch I generally feel that I will come out well on the other side and that my character and empathy will be enhanced by the experience.  This applies to struggles at work, but also personal tragedies like my miscarriages an even the recent tragic death of my husband.  Actually, in my experience, compared to life’s challenges, work challenges are a piece of cake. 


We tend to think of the importance of attitude in overcoming negative experiences, but it is very important for enjoying positive experiences and opportunities too.  I’ve noticed that when I’m positive and confident I will be more open to opportunity and that I might not even see these opportunities when I’m coasting or in a negative frame of mind.  I find it is extremely important to cultivate a positive and open attitude on an ongoing basis.  How do I do this?  First and foremost,  I have a very supportive circle of friends and family many of whom I speak to at least once a week.  We help each other see the opportunity in situations.  Personally,  I need to nurture my creative side.  I  paint and have just started a writing course.    Also, I like to look at the world from different perspectives.   I like to travel, but even walking to the store by a different route helps to create a refreshing shift.  Speaking of walking, exercise and particularly yoga really help me too.

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