“What are we waiting for?”

posted October 30th, 2009 by Janet Graham - One Comment

“Things to do while you’re alive:”

Visit as many countries as years you have lived; Go to the Stanley Cup final; See a Broadway show, front-row centre; Eat dinner prepared by a world class chef; Straddle the international dateline; Heli-ski in British Columbia; Stay at a five star hotel and upgrade your room; Send yourself flowers; Have Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues; Renovate your kitchen; Go to a Shakespeare festival; Drink a mint julep at the Kentucky Derby; Go to the Olympic Games; See Napa from a hot air balloon; Ski first tracks at Whistler; Get a personal chef; Learn to tango in Buenos Aires; Cruise Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible; Paraglide; See the NHL draft live; Have the perfect bag for every occasion; Play the Old Course at St. Andrews; Take your ultimate vacation adventure; Get a spa treatment that requires a team; Kiss the Blarney Stone; Do Fashion Week; Take a steamboat cruise down the Mississippi; Tour MOMA with a personal guide; Golf with monogrammed balls; Watch the Indy 500 from the infield; Enjoy New York City at Christmas time; Do the Grand Tour; See a movie premiere; Ride a motorcycle across Canada; Attend a major film festival; See the changing of the guard; Drink a pint in Dublin; Complete a triathalon; See all 38 of the 7 Wonders of the World; Visit an uninhabited island; Drive the autobahn; Do everything on your life’s list of things to do; Shop on Rodeo Drive; Fill up your passport; Own a pair of incredible heels; Learn to surf: Do a wine tour of Italy; Ride a cable car in San Francisco; Explore the Seychelles; Get a PhD; Read the classics – all of them; Have an out-of-body experience; Visit all 10 provinces and 3 territories.


I found this list in a magazine. I cannot recall which one, so I am unable to give them credit and/or refer to the product advertisement it was a part of. Regardless, it resonated with me for some reason and I tore it out and saved it. I thought you might enjoy it!


For my purposes, I made the list a little more Canadian, for example, I changed Go to the Super Bowl to Go to the Stanley Cup final and Ski first tracks at Deer Valley to Ski first tracks at Whistler and See the NFL draft live to See the NHL draft live and Ride a motorcycle across the U.S. to Ride a motorcycle across Canada and Visit all 50 states to Visit all 10 provinces and 3 territories. My beloved wanted me to change Go to the Super Bowl to Go to the Stanley Cup final and watch the Leafs win but I resisted.


So, my question is: “What are we waiting for?”

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One Response to ““What are we waiting for?””

Comment from Hattie-san
Time October 31, 2009 at 4:15 am

for me-I’m doing it………………………
for others possibly:
retirement of signifigant other
getting out of debt
education completion
self permission
permission from others
God’s signal
weight loss
mistress/man in affair
the right season
preferred mode of transportation
recession to pass
house to sell

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