Dreams Have No Expiry Date

posted September 30th, 2009 by Janet Graham - One Comment

Dreams Have No Expiry Date by Laurie Gottlieb and Deanna Rosenswig is the perfect book for a woman in her mid to late 40’s who is considering a transition, in other words what’s next for her in her life and work.


The subtitle of the book is “A Practical and Inspirational Way for Women to Take Charge of Their Futures”.


The authors write: “Women have few role models to guide them through the process of transition and may have difficulty envisioning their life beyond forty-five. The paths this generation of women will follow have not been traveled by previous generations.” These words resonated with me because this has been the case throughout the careers of women of this generation and it will be the same in the next phases of their lives.


The authors say there are three major messages in their book. They are:


“The best way to take charge of your future is to have a dream.


It is never too late to create and achieve a dream because dreams have no expiry date.


The “Vantage Years” are the ideal time of life to create and achieve dreams.”


They go on to say “Dreams give life meaning and purpose. Everyone has a dream; some people just have difficulty identifying or articulating their dream. Some people think their dream is too insignificant to be considered a dream. Some people may even believe it is too late to dream. We believe you are never too old to dream. Women well into their eighties told us of their dreams. You do have a dream. You can be in charge.”


I am very interested in people who have made successful and interesting transitions in their lives. I find their courage and creativity inspiring.


My favourite exercises from this book are the ones intended to help with “Getting in Touch with your Dreams.” I highly recommend this book to anyone who is “in transition”.


I hope you enjoy it!! Please share your thoughts, comments, questions, feedback on this book or any other in the Resources section of the Forums.

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Comment from sjg4
Time October 1, 2009 at 2:31 pm

I would have liked to have known the other 2 ways the authors believe that you can get help when you are going through life transitions along with following your dreams. What is number 2? What is number 3? Then I might take a look at the book?


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