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posted September 14th, 2009 by Janet Graham - One Comment

In their own words:  “Women in Capital Markets” (WCM) is a non-profit organization that promotes, the entry, advancement, and development of women in the Capital Markets industry”.  They offer their 700+ members access to opportunities which are intended to benefit “newcomers and seasoned professionals”.  These include networking events, mentoring and professional development, career path insights for students, forums to share best practices with industry leaders etc.

What I find most attractive about WCM membership are the programs it has developed or sponsored around mentoring (Professionals – Mentorship Program) and coaching  (Professional – Executive Coaching Award) and its sponsorship of participation in the Judy Project (Professionals – HLM Judy Project).  These types of programs allow women who might be reluctant or unable to find support and nurturing in their own organizations to find it elsewhere. 

I also like the job posting feature on the WCM web site. For example, I noticed a July 2009 posting for a position on the board of Canada’s National Ballet School which represents the type of opportunity for community service and networking outside the securities industry of which qualified and capable individuals might be otherwise unaware.  

In my mind, WCM and other organizations like it represent good choices for a woman who wants to expand her network outside the firm which employs her. It will not serve her every need, however, depending upon her personal objectives, it is a choice which could offer significant opportunities for personal development, growth and learning over time.  On the other hand, I do believe that exclusive reliance on a single organization to serve all of one’s networking and other career objectives would be a less than optimal strategy.

I would be interested to hear about your experiences with WCM and other similar organizations and the benefits of your membership in this type of organization, as well as, your comments and opinions on their effectiveness in terms of serving the purpose of advancing and supporting women in a particular industry.

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Comment from sjg4
Time September 18, 2009 at 2:22 pm

Question to Janie the blogger… Would you like me to explain about the opportunities “School-Based Management” gives to WOMEN administrators. The difference between top down orders is signifigant. For instance, instead of Central Office interviewing for a position you need, you do it at the school level. All the skills that Central Office once needed are passed down to school administrators. We had to learn budgeting, interviewing techniques, public relations, marketing, how to chair PUBLIC mtgs. etc. Now if this is way off base, just say so. My feelings won’t be hurt because I’m driving down to Mexico in 4 days and nothing, I say nothing could bring me down. Adios mia compadres.

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