Warren Buffet and I

posted August 21st, 2008 by Janet Graham - Leave a Comment

An interviewer from Fortune magazine asked Warren Buffet about his first job, specifically he said: “I know you had a paper route. Was that your first job?”

Mr. Buffet replied: “Well, I worked for my grandfather, which was really tough, in the [family] grocery store. But if you gave me the choice of being CEO of General Electric or IBM or General Motors, you name it, or delivering papers, I would deliver papers. I would. I enjoyed doing that. I can think about what I want to think. I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do. It might be wonderful to be head of GE, and Jeff Immelt is a friend of mine. And he’s a great guy. But think of all the things he has to do whether he wants to do them or not.”

I was fairly certain I had little in common with Mr. Buffet given the size of his portfolio compared to mine and his lifestyle compared to mine; his comments indicate otherwise. And I couldn’t have said it better myself or for that matter articulated the thought. Thanks, Warren!

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