Women Supporting Women

posted April 4th, 2008 by Janet Graham - Leave a Comment

Women seem to resist supporting one another, in so many ways!! I am reminded of this every day, watching the US election campaign.

We judge each other harshly and are quick to criticize one another. What is this all about? Where does it get us? What satisfaction does it provide? And where would we be, if this was not the case?

Women feel excluded from the informal groups of their male colleagues but don’t seem to trust or value one another enough to establish their own informal networks. What would happen, if women made the choice to support one another? What would happen if we stepped up just 50% of the time?

And I mean real support,eg retaining female lawyers, financial advisors and retaining a female recruiter (not just going to see her for advice when your position is terminated but retaining her when you have found a new position), supporting a young female in a male dominated environment, and mentoring, counselling and simply stepping up when you know in your heart it is required.

I am guessing it would feel quite empowering and I am challenging all of us to put it to the test.

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