Interview with Jane – Role Models, Mentors and Sponsors. Men and Women in the Workplace

posted October 28th, 2014 by Janet Graham

I asked Jane whether she had a role model who inspired her to be ambitious and aspire to succeed in her career and her life.


Jane says: “Well as far as setting goals and benchmarks and that sort of thing, I would say that it’s more innate for me. I didn’t really know anybody who did it that way.  I’m sure there are people, I just didn’t know them. My role model as far as my work ethic and tenacity would have been my mother.  My mother, despite not having an education…actually probably because she didn’t have an education…she just had to work so hard for the family and so I saw her as such a role model, somebody who had put the needs of her family first and worked so hard.  She was such a hard worker and so she’s definitely a role model.


“There were people I came across a …

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Interview with Jane – Educational Background and Career History, Success and Ambition

posted October 23rd, 2014 by Janet Graham

Today’s post is the first of five excerpts from my interview with “Jane” a successful women with a very unique position in the US government.  I was happy she agreed to be interviewed and granted me permission to “tell her story!!” I hope you enjoy reading it and as usual your comments are most welcome!!

I asked Jane to tell me about her educational background and career history.


Jane says: “Okay, I’m going to go with full disclosure of my background because it might be helpful to younger girls.  I’ll go a little deeper than I usually would.  Normally, I start with college but I think it’s important to let younger ladies know that regardless of your background, if you work really hard you can do all sorts of amazing things.  I come from a family where nobody graduated high school.  All of the adults in my life were very hard-working, my …

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Happy Birthday to Me!!

posted October 2nd, 2014 by Janet Graham

In the words of the great Coco Chanel:


“You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty…and irresistible for the rest of your life.”


I look back at my life with deep gratitude and joy and forward with great anticipation and delight!!


Happy Birthday to Me!!


Top 10 Tips to Success

posted September 29th, 2014 by Janet Graham

My husband Dan Nixon was inspired by Colleen Campbell’s “Top 10 Tips to Success” to come up with his own list. In his words:


1. Understand the character, competence and work ethics of all your partners or potential partners. If they are not up to your expectations, move on.


2. Loyalty. Never, ever be disloyal, even when things are going bad do not be disloyal to others.


3. Chemistry, team approach. Ensure you work in a all-for-one environment. The team is important, the individual is not.


4. Have a good sense of humour. Try to make each day at work a delight for yourself and your co-workers.


5. Have and use common sense and good judgement.


6. Identify the leadership style of your superiors – do they manage up or down – you can work with it either way. Always, always be supportive and helpful to subordinates and co-workers. Try to help them before going up …

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