Interview with Jane. Advice for and Assistance to Other Women

posted November 20th, 2014 by Janet Graham

I asked Jane when she considers her career in its entirety whether there is anything she would do differently.


She says: “No. Upon reflection, I’m pretty happy with where I’m at. Maybe in my twenties I would have been a little less blunt.  I softened with age, but in my twenties I may have been a little more blunt than may have been beneficial but that’s just part of being young but other than that, I’m pretty happy with my life in general and with my career.”


I asked Jane whether she makes a concerted effort to facilitate the success of other women in her workplace, industry, and community and if so, how so and I asked her for her advice for other women who want to do the same.


She says: “I get involved at the local school level.  I go to elementary school, middle school, high school, and talk about the …

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Interview with Jane – Being a Working Mother

posted November 11th, 2014 by Janet Graham

I asked Jane whether she had any regrets about being a working mother, what it was like for her and how she dealt with the challenges and conflicts particular to working mothers


She says: “No I don’t have any regrets.  My children are very well-adjusted. They are 9 and 13.  Actually, I have four children because I have two step-children as well, so I have a 9 year-old, two 13 year-olds, and a 17 year-old.  Two of them are not living with me but it still means juggling and trying to prioritize.  You need to make sure that you get involved. I’m home every night for dinner with them; I don’t miss dinners.  When I have to travel occasionally to give speeches and that sort of thing, my children are perfectly fine staying with their dad. Their dad is a good person.


“It’s funny, I’m divorced from my children’s father and we …

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Interview with Jane – Advice for Women Working in Male Dominated Environments

posted November 4th, 2014 by Janet Graham

I asked Jane whether she had any advice for women who are working in male dominated environments.


Jane says: “I would say work your hardest and make sure you’re doing your homework coming into meetings.  I’ve not run into it too often where there’s a male bias where they think that you’re not qualified or anything like that.  I would say work your hardest and if you decide to have children, or even if you’re not having children, keep your professional and personal lives separate.  A lot of times when people bring all their personal stuff into work it causes doubts in managers and they start second-guessing and wondering whether or not they’re going to be reliable.  Something I’ve always done is I’ve carved out my personal life from my professional life.  It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be friendly.  Definitely, in your professional life you can be friendly and have colleagues …

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Interview with Jane – Role Models, Mentors and Sponsors. Men and Women in the Workplace

posted October 28th, 2014 by Janet Graham

I asked Jane whether she had a role model who inspired her to be ambitious and aspire to succeed in her career and her life.


Jane says: “Well as far as setting goals and benchmarks and that sort of thing, I would say that it’s more innate for me. I didn’t really know anybody who did it that way.  I’m sure there are people, I just didn’t know them. My role model as far as my work ethic and tenacity would have been my mother.  My mother, despite not having an education…actually probably because she didn’t have an education…she just had to work so hard for the family and so I saw her as such a role model, somebody who had put the needs of her family first and worked so hard.  She was such a hard worker and so she’s definitely a role model.


“There were people I came across a …

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